Velo Robotics

11 years

prior experience

Since 2011, Envirex has supplied customers worldwide with cutting edge technology, and experienced rapid growth since the beginning.
With a customer portfolio where the majority is Oil & Gas related, Velo was established in 2022 to increase the activities in other sectors.  

With 11 years of prior experience as part of Envirex, the Velo team’s ambition is to seek challenges that can be solved through technology and design. 

We support early-stage tech companies as well as established companies who wish to find a solution to their challenge.

We develop state-of-the-art products and solutions, and act as a partner, with back-office services, consulting and strategic support.

Our Team

Our team solves our customers challenges by utilizing the in-house expertise with new and available technology through Envirex Group.

Why Velo?​

Velo stands for Velocity which means – speed in a given direction. Our processes are designed to quickly map out and understand the needs and challenges, which we consider essential for success.

By combining the necessary expertise in various phases of the project, we manage to combine efficiency with quality from start to release. Product development is not just about the product itself, but about the entire value chain surrounding the product.