Velo Robotics

Combine efficiency
with quality

Speed to Market

Velo stands for Velocity – speed in a given direction.

We only take on a few, carefully selected projects, to ensure perfection in everything from design to production, – and to secure speed ​​to market.

Our processes are designed to quickly map and understand the needs and challenges before starting product development – which we consider essential for success. By combining the necessary subject specialists in the various phases, we manage to combine efficiency with quality throughout the entire process.


We make sure we understand the operation, Identify the challenge, look for existing solutions and find a recommendation


We do research to find the solution, document this solution with animations and 3D modules. We make technical and commercial estimates.


We design the solution, make our choice of technology and components, and provide product drawings. 


Production and assembly, function tests, design and performance verifications.


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